UK Elite Holme Grove Solomon

Awarded UK ELITE September 2010
"BHF Top British Bred Dressage Sire 1998 & 2000"

TBF Lifetime Excellence Award 2004

Died suddenly in the field of a heart attack aged 26 on 26th April 2012. 
Happy and healthy and watching his mares until the end!  RIP Solomon!

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Not Standing at Public Stud 2010:
Holme Grove Farm,
Biggleswade, Beds,SG18 9ST. U.K.

Enquiries to :
Susan Attew
Tel: +44 (0)1767 685705 (office)
 +44 (0)1767 627196 (home)
+44 (0)7803 271110 (mobile)
Fax: +44 (0)1767 689902


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Fernando    photo

Freude II

Gazal VII Sh A



Holme Grove Schlobitten  photo

Schöne Schwalbe

Schone Abend

HG Solomon
is extremely closely related to the 1976 Champion Stallion in Neumünster Schiwago. They are both from the same dam Holme Grove Schlobitten and the difference in sires is that HG Solomon’s sire Fernando is grandson to Schiwago’s sire Tannenberg. His dam Holme Grove Schlobitten is from the Mare family Schwalbe by Totilas

Holme Grove Solomon
is a fully performance tested stallion who was competed in Dressage as a five year old gaining 161 points in one season, qualifying for the National Championships at Elementary level and winning at Medium level in his one and only competition in the March as a six year old. HG Solomon was retired to stud early due to serious illness of his rider/breeder’s husband. Although after a three year break he spent some winter months training up to Advanced level, he had already shown considerable talent for Piaffe and Passage as a five year old, which he has show during ridden displays in recent years. He is a remarkable stallion who at only 14 years old has already had tremendous successes as a sire. He is approved by the TBF, BWBS and SHB of GB (HIS).


From his first crop of foals he produced the Reserve Champion TBF foal
Holme Grove Dubonnet in 1990. From 1991-1998 HG Solomon’s offspring have taken no less than 26 Champion and Reserve Championship ribbons between the following 16 progeny:
Holme Grove Dubonnet – Res. Champion TBF Foal
Holme Grove Bolero – Champion TBF Foal & Best British Bred Trakehner 91
Holme Park Fenella – Champion TBF foal & Best British Bred Trakehner 92. Holme Grove Batique – 2nd TBF Filly Foal.
Holme Grove Flamenco – Champion TBF Foal, Supreme TBF Champ. & Best British Bred Trakehner 93
Holme Park Sapphire – Champ. TBF Foal. Holme Park Suky Premium Graded, Youngstock Champ. Res.TBF Supreme Champion & Best British Bred Trakehner. Holme Grove Dubonnet Premium Graded & Res. Champion TBF Mare. Holme Park Serene – Res. Youngstock Champion
Holme Park Velvet – Champion of TBF Grading & Res. Champion Broodmare.
Holme Grove Chorus – Champion of TBF Grading, Champ. TBF Youngstock, Res. Supreme Champion & Best British Bred Trakehner. Holme Park Krug – Champion TBF Foal. Holme Grove Bardot – Res. Champion Foal
Holme Park Sapphire – Res. Champion of TBF Grading. Holme Park Kinnie – Res. TBF Youngstock Champion. Holme Park Vincenza – Champion TBF foal
Holme Park Krug Champion of TBF Stallion Grading & Best British Bred Trakehner. Holme Park Sapphire – Res. TBF Champion mare. Holme Park Kinnie – Champion TBF Youngstock. Holme Grove Cinderella – Res. Champion Youngstock
Holme Park Kinnie - Champion of the TBF Grading Premium Graded, Champion Mare, Supreme TBF Champion 99, Best British Bred Trakehner 99. Ormsfield Maximillion - 1st Partbred Trakehner Foal and Champion Partbred Youngstock 99.
Khloe Klassiche – TBF Supreme Champion & Rsv Champion Mare. Holme Grove Genita – Champion Youngstock and Rsv Supreme Champion. Holme Grove Devaux – Champion Foal (by HP Krug). Holme Grove Colvin – TBF Champion Riding Horse & Champion Dressage Horse.
2001 Holme Park Vincenca - PREMIUM Graded . Holme Grove Gardet Champion Youngstock 2001
2002 Holme Park Kylia - Reserve Champion TBF Mare. Holme Park Saturnes  1st Older Mare Class Holme Grove Genita - 1st 3 yo Class

2003 Holme Grove Chanel - Premium Graded at TBF Show 2003
Holme Grove Goldcard - Graded as a Stallion by European Warmblood Society in South Africa
2004 Holme Park King - Champion TBF Foal 2004 and Reserve Supreme Champion of TBF Show and Best British Bred Trakehner
Holme Park Venus - Rsv Champion Youngstock TBF 2004 and Premium graded subject to performance testing.
2005 Holme Park Venus passed her mare performance test and received her PREMIUM title.
2006 Holme Park Karachi placed in first Grandprix Dressage
2007 Khloe Klassiche  Champion TBF Riding Horse
2008 Holme Grove Fiji  Champion of the Grading and Potential Premium
2009 Holme Grove Fiji  passed her mare performance test and received her PREMIUM title.
        Holme Park Kashmir  Champion of the Grading and Potential Premium
2010 Holme Park Kashmir  passed her mare performance test Reserve Champion and received her PREMIUM title.
        Holme Park Kalibre  TBF Champion Riding Horse
2011 Holme Park Kashmir TBF Champion Riding Horse

HG Solomon has Three graded sons. The first was Holme Park Vincent approved as a stallion in Canada 1994, with the second highest grading marks ever awarded by the Canadian Trakehner Horse grading commission. The second Holme Park Krug was the first stallion to successfully pass the TBF Grading for 5 years in 1998 and is the only Approved Trakehner stallion that is second generation British Bred . The most recent is Holme Grove Goldcard who was approved by the European Warmblood Society in South Africa.  He also has 8 Premium Graded daughters; Holme Grove Dubonnet, Holme Park Suky , Holme Park Kinnie, Holme Park Vincenca, Holme Park Venus, Holme Grove Chanel, Holme Grove Fiji, and Holme Park Kashmir. As an 8 year old HG Solomon was awarded the title of " Runner-up Young Dressage Stallion of the Year." . In 1998 He was awarded the BHD "Top British Bred Dressage Sire" on progeny performance.  He was runner up for this position in 1999 by 1 point to Dutch Gold. and had the highest points again in 2000 although due to downgrading of some progeny he did not receive the award. In 2004 Solomon was awarded a "TBF Lifetime Excellence Award" by the TBF in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the breed.  His most recent and highest accolade was to be awarded the prestigious title of UK Elite Stallion, one of only 2 ever awarded, due to his progeny achievements.