Van Gogh was found in the field on 21st August 2010 very lame but no injury - brought him in and later that day his hock had swollen and on 3 legs  paniced that he had been kicked and damaged his hock took him to the Equine hospital (with dread as to whether this one would come home L) They xrayed and hock joint 100% clean and no infection in the joint.  Diagnosed as cellulitis due to subcutaneous skin infection so they have put him on strong antibiotics and we brought him home and arranged for our vet to visit daily to give large doses of antibiotics IV.  However after a week on very strong antibiotics the hock had not improved and so took him back to the hospital on Saturday 28th August.  The vets now say there is some infection in the joint and the only way to ensure that there is no permanent damage to the joint is to flush his hock under General Anaesthetic which they did on Sunday.  By the Tuesday I had a call to say that he was still just as lame and will not weight bear at all on it and that they can continue treating in intensive care and flush again but the costs are escalating and they cannot say how good the prognosis would be of a full recovery.  We tried so hard for him as he is quite unique with his colouring and movement but we now had to make the decision to continue treating or have him PTS.    To become a stallion prospect he has to be 100% and if there is any doubt about his hock then there is no point.   Why does this always happen to the best horses???  Sadly he was PTS on 1st September 2010 at just 1 year old.

Date of Birth:  19th May 2009

Due Date: 12th May 2009 (7 days late )

Time: 03:45am

Sex:   COLT

Colour: BAY

PTS: 1st September 2010





Finally after keeping us waiting a week, Vogue has produced a very handsome bay colt.  She really loves her new baby!  This colt has very unusual markings as although bay he is black all down the right side of his neck and down his front leg to the knee and a black patch underneath his chest and a patch on his cheek!  Looks as if the paint brush slipped.  There will be no mistaking this one.  We have now called him "Van Gogh"  as he is a real work of art !!

As well as his unusual markings he is a really beautiful foal with great uphill movement showing already!

His Sire is Premium Stallion Oliver Twist who is the sire of the 2007 German Champion Stallion "Grand Passion" and in the same grading "Singolo" who has just won the 4 year old Trakehner Riding championship at Tasdorf.  We met Oliver Twist as he was on the same Stallion Performance Test in Germany as Holme Park Legend and were impressed by his type and way of going.

1st in TBF Colt Foal Class 2009 and Reserve Champion Foal 2009


Oliver Twist


EH. Monteverdi
 EH. Partout
ES. Miami

ES. Olga III
EH. Sixtus


PM Holme Park Vogue


Holme Park Krug
Holme Grove Solomon
Holme Park Kremona

EM Holme Park Vabanque


Consul (black)

Pr.St. Vielliebchen  (bay)


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